The Blog Snobs 10, Drug Cartels, Obama, Immigration and We are paying ALL the Bills

This is a mega-charged episode based on the comments President Obama made in this video plus a report on MSNBC and AP about ranchers in Texas afraid to walk their own property because it has become a drug cartel smuggling super highway.  The influx of illegal immigrants has put a burden on our social services systems and healthcare.

Why do these videos have less than 6,000 views?  Why aren’t people concerned?

Gangs are banding together and committing push in home invasion robberies and crimes with a boldness that we have not seen before.

Drug cartel route map from

Drug cartel route map from

It’s time for some frank talk folks.  Join us in the chat room to participate this Thursday, March 22 at 6:30 PM EST, , listen anytime or download TheBlogSnobs through iTunes.


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